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There are many advantages to creating your personal iHeart Deliveries account.
• All of your deliver-to addresses are saved for your convenience.
• Reorder a previous order.
• Review your order history.
• Get access to coupon codes.
• Redeem your iHeart Deliveries Customer Rewards.
• Create Group Orders.
• Access & update your profile preferences.
• & More!
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iHeart Deliveries
Group orders are an excellent option for office managers, church groups and get-togethers with friends.
Create a Group Order and send out an email invitation to a group of people. Your invitees then login and select their own items off your menu. You set the parameters that work best. Time and location. Attendees. Payment: you pay for everyone, everyone pays their own tab, or set a budget for each person and they pay for any extras. More.

You must create an account in iHeart Deliveries first. Group orders are available from your User Account panel.
• Begin by logging into your account.
• In the left navigation column, select "Group Orders".
• The panel on the right helps you manage active Group Orders, create groups of people to send ordering invitations to, start new Group Orders and finalize your order so it will be delivered.

• When all guests have submitted orders, you must finalize the order by clicking on the Finalize Group Order button. If an order is not finalized, you will not have an order delivered.

• Create unique guest lists (groups) for convenience: Work, family, clubs, church, etc.

• The larger your guest list is, the more time that will be required for preparation and delivery of your order. The Group Order process will alert you to time limitations, but you will want to take this into account to begin your order early enough.

• Anytime prior to finalizing the order, your guests can use the email link in their invitation to modify their order.

• As the Group Order host, you can review and manage your guest orders through your account panel.

• There is a limit to only one merchant per Group Order.

• Setting a budget amount in your Group Order is not a limit on how much your guest can spend. It is the amount you will pay toward their total bill. If they want to order over this amount, they will be required to pay the difference to complete their order.

• At this time, the delivery fee and gratuity is not split between guests. This is the responsibility of the Group Order host.
  STEP #1 • WHO
  Select a group to invite. You can add new members. If you want to exclude someone one from this particular Group Order, just uncheck their name. They will remain in the guest group for future Group Orders.
  Tell us what the deliver-to address is. You can create a new address or use a previous address. Your addresses are stored for future orders.
  STEP #3 • WHEN
  a) Tell us what day and time you would like your order delivered.
  b) Decide what deadline your guests must respond by.
  c) Decide when your invitations should be sent out.
  STEP #4 • FOOD
  Select a Merchant to order from.
  a) You will pay for all guest orders.
  b) Guests pay for their own orders.
  c) Or, set a budget for an amount you will pay for each guest. They are responsible for any additional.
Include the gratuity for your hosted event. Enter information for your payment method.
  Review your Group Order. Begin the Group Order.
  Emails invitations to join are sent to the members of the group you created/selected through your default email program. Open your email program and you can review the content. The email will have a link to the order which takes the guest directly to the Merchant’s menu that you selected for the group order.
  In the menu, your guest will be able to select the items of they prefer. The menu’s order panel will show when and where the delivery is scheduled for. It will also show a budget amount you have set to pay for each guest. If your guest decides to order more than that amount, they have the option to make payment for the difference. If they do not go over the budget amount, there is no payment required. The guest clicks on the checkout button to complete their order and they will see a thank you screen with their order information.
  Active orders are displayed under Group Orders tab in your user Account panel. Click on the Manage Order button for an order. You will see the status of the Group Order including reviewing your guest list to see who has submitted their orders how many and the order status for payment totals.

When all guests have submitted orders, you must finalize the order by clicking on the Finalize Group Order button. This sends your order into the system for fulfillment and delivery. You can also view your order confirmation.


iHeart Deliveries
Businesses are encouraged to request corporate accounts. Our corporate accounts receive a bill at the end of each billing cycle, making check out easy and the accounting department very happy.
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Many medium-sized businesses have middle-management personnel. Gift Certificates codes are a great way to provide them an allocated budget for client meals or employee lunches. The value of the Gift Certificate can be redeemed in any increment and is good until the balance zeros out.
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••• CATERING •••

Our catering menus are specifically tailored for the needs of large orders. These are merchants skilled in providing service you can count on. Please be aware that there may be unique time requirements for extremely large orders. If you have special needs or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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There are several common types of events that may require catering:

• Staff Lunches
• Business Meetings
• Training Sessions
• Sales Presentations • Conferences
• Parties
• Sporting Events • Tailgating
• Reunions • Receptions
• New Baby Arrivals
• Condolences • Wakes • Funerals
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